Executive Board

The Executive Board was established to manage The Center’s affairs. At least half of its members must be residents of Israel.


Members of the Board are authorised to prepare the annual budget and various financial statements; arrange the employment agreements; appoint members of the Board of Trustees and choose the CEO.

The unveiling ceremony- Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center
Professor Efraim Sadka
Professor Efraim Sadka - Chairman of the Executive Board


Sadka, born in 1946 in Basra, Iraq, made aliya with his family in 1951. He completed his BA in Economics and Statistics, graduating from Tel University in 1970; in 1974, he received his Ph.D.  in Economics from MIT, and since 1975 he is with the Department of Economics of Tel Aviv University . During his career at the University, he held the positions of chairman of the Department of Economics and acting dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Sadka  served as President of The Israeli Economic Association (2006-2008). He published more than 100 scientific articles and more than 10 books. He managed to combine a successful business career alongside his all-time prolific academic career. He served, among others, as chairman of the board of directors of the construction and real estate conglomerate, Housing and construction Holdings, Inc. (1989-2005); chairman of the board of directors of K.G.M. Pension Fund (1996-2000); and board member of Bank Leumi (2006-2015). He is currently serving on the board of directors of various corporations (Paz, Ravad, etc.). Throughout his academic and business  career, he always volunteered to serve on numerous public and professional committees in the areas of taxation, pension, social security, corporate governance, etc.

יצחק ברזילי - ועד מנהל.png
Itzhak Barzilay

I was born in Baghdad – Iraq in June 1939

I am married to Neta and have three children 

I immigrated March 51 to Israel. I grew up and was educated in Kibutz Givat Hashlosha. 

I have joined the army and served in the famous unit 8200.   

I served 38 years in the P.M office of which I spent 18 years in Europe as well Middle Eastern countries. 

I became a head of 3 departments. The last one, was the head of the Foreign Relations Department in a rank equivalent to that of Major General.

Having retired, I became a consultant to the Defense Minister for 7 years.

I have a B.A degree for Middle Eastern studies. As well as graduee of the National Defense College.

I am a member of the Israeli Artistic Society as a Painter.

Member of the administration board of ISRAEL INTELLIGENCE COMMEMRATION CENTER.   

Nora Haim-Huri
Nora Haim-Huri


Haim grew up in Tel Aviv and studied at Alliance High School. She served in the IDF as an education NCO at Shmonim Camp (Nahal), and after being discharged, continued to work in education. Nora holds a BA in Sociology and Criminology and also has extensive knowledge in the fields of communications, journalism, public relations, and marketing. Today, she is married and the mother of four children, and manages a finance and real estate business. She holds an MA with honours in Hebrew Literature and authored a book published by HaKibbutz HaMeuchad.

Eli Amir
Eli Amir


Amir immigrated as a youth to Israel in 1950.  He grew up and was educated at Kibbutz  Mishmar HaEmek.  Later he worked in the Prime Minister’s Office and served amongst other things as head assistant to the prime minister’s advisor on Arab affairs and consultant on East Jerusalem.  Amir also held the positions of deputy director general and director general of the Aliyah Office. As the manager of the Sephardic Federation in the United States, he established a bureau for yordim (ex-pats). He was chosen as the director general of the Youth Aliya Department of the Jewish Agency and was responsible for the absorption of Ethiopian and Russian Jews. Amir is the author of books that deal with the crisis of absorption and culture between east and west. Several of his books have been translated into many languages and received awards in Israel, and abroad. Two of his books, The Dove Flyer (in English: Farewell Baghdad) and  Scapegoat were made into movies. Eli was awarded the Yakir Yerushalayim Prize, the Yigal Alon Award for outstanding service to society.  He has been a guest lecturer at universities and was radio columnist with Geula Cohen. An activist for peace and improvement in society, he is the recipient of honorary doctorates from the Weizmann Institute, Ben Gurion University, and Tel Aviv University.

Ezra Kama


Retired Vice President of the Jerusalem District Court

Tsionit Fattal-Kuperwasser
Tsionit Fattal-Kuperwasser


Tsionit Fattal-Kuperwasser was born in Israel (Petach Tikva) to Iraqi-born parents (originally from Baghdad). She served in various roles in the IDF's intelligence corps and was advisor on Palestinian affairs to the coordinator of the government activities, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Tsionit holds an MA in the History of the Middle East studies. She is a winner of the INS (Association to encourage the study of literature and art - founded by veterans of Iraq) award for her first novel "The Pictures on the Wall" which deals with the Jewish life in Iraq in the first half of the twentieth century. Her book, translated from Hebrew to Arabic, was the first novel written by an Israeli-born author that was published in Iraq. She maintains contact with Iraqi intellectuals and together with them promotes projects regarding literature and research.

Yehuda Zadik
Hanna Kazzaz-Dallal
Hanna Kazzaz-Dallal


Kazzaz-Dallal, born in Baghdad, studied at Kibbutz Kabri and completed her matriculation certificate in Tel Aviv. She studied at the Commercial College in England and holds a BA in History.

For 35 years, Kazzaz-Dallal was involved in public service and volunteering in several foundations, including: WIZO, and the Suzanne Dellal Center. She was also the chairperson of both the Student Foundation and the Prize Committee for Achievement.

Hanna worked for El Al and the American Air Force. She also managed a commercial enterprise and was a manager at Bank Hapoalim.

Today, Kazzaz-Dallal is the treasurer of the Foundation for the Elderly in Or-Yehuda and at the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center.

קובי זליכה - ועד מנהל.jpg

Kobi Zalicha

Kobi Zalicha was born in 1965. He is married and has a son and two daughters. His father's family originated from Basra and his mother's family originated from Baghdad. Born and raised in Ramat Gan, where he also studied at "Ohel Shem" High School. In the army and in the reserve forces he served at Unit '8200' of the Intelligence forces.

He holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and economics from Bar-Ilan University and completed a degree as a CPA.

Kobi is one of the managing partners in the accounting firm "Lion Orlitzky & Co.", which is one of the ten largest accounting firms in Israel which is also the Israeli representative of the global accounting network 'MOORE GLOBAL'. Kobi specializes in consulting to tourism and industry companies and big non-profit organizations.

His hobbies are learning of Jewish history in general and the history of Iraqi Jews in particular.

איריס שמעונוב
Iris Shimonov