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The Shabbat (Sabbath)

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Two small containers in the shape of the Star of David are attached to each other by a handle. They have a hexagonal lid.
Salt container, Iraq, Baghdad, Around 1944, Silver, Foundry, Donation Hanina Zion in Memory of Haviva Shem Tov.

Babylonian Jews would welcome the Shabbat with pomp. The focus of the exhibition is on the Shabbat table, around which the blessing over the wine was made, signifying the start of Shabbat, as well as Havdalah, the ceremony which marked the end of Shabbat. There are ritual objects on the table, whose designs were popular with Iraqi Jews, pieces of Iraqi pita bread, a candle and myrtle. The "floating" Shabbat table symbolizes the continued observance of the tradition, even after the Jews left Iraq.

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