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The Summer Living Room (Tarar)

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

A small, hexagonal vessel, on each side of it are illustrations of Iraqi landscapes: a river view with a palm tree; River view with a structure covered in barrel roof; A river with Ctesiphon ruins; A camel on the banks of the river; A sailing boat floating in the river; A fisherman sails in a river on Gufa boat. The spoon is very small and elliptical with an elongated handle with a rectangle extension with rounded corners.
Sugar vessel with a spoon, Iraq, third quarter of the 20th century, silver in casting, flattening and niello techniques. Contributed by Dalia and Arie (Gurgi) Ivan

The summer living room at the museum is open to the replica of the courtyard on the ground floor. The decorative flooring is made of colorful tiles characteristic of Iraq. A crystal chandelier hangs from its ceiling. It is furnished with benches, armchairs and side tables and accessorized with various dishes for hosting guests, as well as Iraqi style embroidered textiles.

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