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Leadership in Ancient Times

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Restoration of the model of the great yeshivot in the period of the beginning of the Diaspora. Worshipers sit in an oriental sitting mode on mats. They are dressed in robes and wearing a turban on their heads.
Part from a reconstruction of a yeshiva in Babylon from the Talmudic period, that reached the 5th century AD, plaster and jute sheets. Donated by Hannah Kazzaz, Louise, and Daniel Kazzaz in memory of Ezekiel Kazzaz.

After the destruction of the Second Temple, the Jewish community in Babylonia became the main centre of Jewish life. For over one thousand years, it led the entire Jewish Diaspora. The spiritual flame of the Jewish nation was kept burning by means of the large yeshiva academies of Nehardea, Sura and Pumbedita. The exhibition displays facts about King Jehoiachin and his sons and the prophet Ezekiel during the duration of their stay in Babylonia.

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