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The Iraqi-Jewish community-recording for the B network on the occasion of 75th anniversary of Israel

Updated: 5 days ago

Kan Network B is recording a radio program about the Iraqi Jewish community in honor of the 75th anniversary of the State of Israel.

Interviewers: Roy Kays and Dikla Aharon Shafran

Interviewees: Prof. Moshe Gat - The Jewish community of Babylon in modern times and their contribution to life in Iraq

Prof. Esther Meir Glitzenstein - Immigration of Iraqi Jews to Israel and their absorption in the country

Orli Baher Levy - the status of women in Iraq

Personal testimony - Lydia Sasson, Emad Levy, Linda Menuhin

Wednesday | 3/22/23 | 11:00 am

The audience is invited to attend the recordings

Free entrance

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