Chanukah Lamps by Oded Halahmy // Closed exhibition

Curator: Idit Sharoni

Oded Halahmy was born in Baghdad and raised in Israel. It was in his native Baghdad where Halahmy, at an early age, began making paintings and sculptures, fully supported by his father, an accomplished goldsmith. He studied sculpture at St. Martin’s School of Art in London under Anthony Caro and Phillip King. Since 1971 he lives and creates in New York, while maintaining his home and art gallery in Old Jaffa, Israel. His works are in the collections of various museums around the world.

“My artwork and every other aspect of my life has been influenced by my first homeland, Iraq… Chanukah was a very exciting and unforgettable time…

I can still recall the holiday joy and the light emanating from the Chanukah lamp... that inspires me since then" (Oded Halahmy).

The pomegranate, which is the main motif in Oded Halahmy’s work, displays on his Chanukkah lamps. He also incorporates motifs from his childhood in Iraq, including date tree as well as amulets that Iraqi Jews used against the evil eyes, such as the hamsa and the sabe’ e’yun.

Chanukah Lamps by Oded Halahmy
Chanukah Lamps by Oded Halahmy