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Nehardea No. 20, Autumn 2017

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

At the center of the issue are the research and curatorship behind a number of permanent and exchanging exhibits at the Museum, such FOLK MEDICINE and AMULETS. A considerable portion is also devoted to confrences and seminars as on BAGHDADI JEWS IN INDIA, to life of Jewish community in recent generations, to poetry, literature, memoirs and more.

A rectangular room with a luxurious wooden door, furnished with Victorian furniture with a Persian rug, a refreshment table with a lace tablecloth and pictures on the wall. The facade of the room consists of pointed wooden arches glazed with colored stained glass in floral and geometric patterns. The colors of the stained glass are reflected on the white wall opposite and soak up a pleasant atmosphere in the living room.
The Ursi (Winter Parlor) Exhibit

Nehardea 2018-22.3.18
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