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Donations and Membership

Your membership and your donations are very important to us.

With your help, we can continue to operate The Center and preserve our glorious past, present it to everyone, and enjoy it in the present and future. As members, you will be eligible for discounts and special benefits.

To become a member, please contact the office at

Donations and Membership

Special Announcement for Artists

The Gallery features changing exhibitions of plastic arts. We view The Gallery as a home for artists either born in Iraq or of second-generation Iraqi descent as well as for artists whose work relates to the history and culture of Babylonian Jewry.

We are currently beginning to collect materials for future exhibitions. We request that artists who meet the above criteria contact us, attaching their resumes and a CD containing a representative sample of their works in the genres of painting, sculpture and photography.


Materials may be sent to:

The Museum Curator

Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center,

83 Mordechai Ben Porat Ave.

POB 151,

Or Yehuda 6022687.

Questions may be sent by email to

Special Announcement for Artists

Donation of Items, Photographs, and Documents

Since the establishment of The Center, thousands of items, documents, and original photographs from Iraq have been collected. These items, which play an important part in The Museum’s activities, are used for research purposes and help preserve the rich culture of Iraqi Jewry.


If you have items, documents, or original photographs from Iraq which you are willing to donate or loan to The Museum's collections, please contact the museum curator at 03-5339278, ext. 5, or by email:

Donation of Items, Photographs, and Documents

Family Trees

Family trees, prepared by families of Iraqi descent in Israel and around the world, have been collected at The Center. The Center has initiated an online project to make these family trees, accessible to the general public.

The database is constantly growing. Visitors come to research their roots, and document and preserve their family trees, thus adding another branch to the family tree of Babylonian Jewry.


Family Stories

Unfortunately, Babylonian Jews left behind their property, most of their valuables, heirlooms and records. Very rarely were the family histories documented and written, and the impressions of the past remain memories alone. Today, you can document the information about your family on the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center site, and ensure that your family story will be preserved for future generations.


Family Trees


The Center is assisted by dedicated volunteers who are an inseparable part of The Center and the Museum. They dedicate their time and skills to various positions in all of the departments.


Those interested in joining The Center and Museum’s team of volunteers are welcome to contact us at: 03-5339278, or by email:

Employment Opportunities

There are currently no jobs available

Employment Opportunities
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