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Woman's Outfit – A Special Exhibit // Closed exhibition

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The red dress which made of rich fabric from the Far East, is adorned with colorful flowers. From the waist height come two suspenders towards the shoulders they are adorned with tulle and lace. Underneath is a white shirt with a high round collar, and long, puffy sleeves.
Women's clothing set, Baghdad, early 20th century, brocade silk, lace and tulle, local Ottoman slat (tel) embroidery. Malka Navon's donation in memory of her aunt Chatun Baruch Yehuda Shua

Curator: Orly Baher Levy

An early 20th century outfit that belonged to Khatun Barukh Shua, a member of an affluent family from Baghdad. This item is an example of the clothing worn by Jewish elite in Baghdad and also reflects the various culturs to which the were exposed: local Ottoman tinsel (tel), embroidery, a rich weave from the Far East and European pattern.

Donated by Malka Navon


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