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The Great Synagogue

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

A round chandelier with nine branches, at the end of each branch hangs a glass cup with an illuminated light inside. The inscription "Ben Porat Yosef" is engraved on the inner hoop to protect the worshipers of the house.
Chandelier (Triya), restoration, Israel, 2002, silver plated bronze, and glass

The Great Synagogue (Slat-Il-Kbiri) was the most ancient synagogue in Baghdad. This structure is replicated in a space which is about an eighth of the synagogue's original size. It includes a Tevah (Bima), and Torah Ark containing scrolls from Iraq and the Far East. In the alcoves of the synagogue, the Jewish festivals and holidays are presented according to the customs of Babylonian Jewry. One can see holy items, a scribe at work, unique Iraqi lamps and many other interesting objects.

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