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Nehardea No. 7, March 1995

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The issue is dedicated to the Jewish home in Baghdad and its role in daily life. It is also written about various topics in the fields of literature, art and more. Among other things, you can also read about the beautiful exhibitions as the Jewish Life Cycle, Pesach and shavout.

On a white background are two yellowish figures, on the right a woman wearing a skirt and shirt with a burgundy scarf fluttering around her neck, she is wearing a black hat and wearing black shoes. Her clothes, scarf and hat are adorned with gold threads, and with buttons on the skirt. On the left, the man is wearing knee-length trousers, a button-down shirt and a top jacket, and burgundy hat and shoes. He is holding a large and colorful bouquet of flowers. The pair is placed over a plant ornament that encompasses the entire cover.
Bed Cover embroidery fragment

נהרדעא 7 אנגלית
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