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New documentation - A family story

A young couple looking at the camera, they are photographed from the shoulders up. The bride is made up, with a meticulous bridal hairstyle, dressed in a white dress with sequins on the shoulders and wearing gold necklace and earrings. The groom is wearing light-colored jacket and a collar shirt and tie. His hair is brushed to the side.
Yosef Abu Yehuda and his wife on their wedding day, Baghdad, 1943

We appeal to you to document the story of your Iraqi-born parents.

Send us the memories from the family life, the circumstances of leaving Iraq, immigration, absorption in transit camps or other localities, the beginning of life here and the contribution to the establishment and protection of the state.

Also write about your parents and the next generation's achievements.

We would like you to attach photos and documents.

These life stories will be uploaded to the website of the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center and will be available for public reading.

The life stories should be sent in Word format, to Dr. Limor Kattan:


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