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Nehardea No. 17, Spring 2010

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

At the center of the issue is the centenary of the death of Rabbi Yosef Hayyim, and a wide portion has also been devoted to the community life in recent generations in the diaspora. In addition, the issue contains memories of events that happened in Iraq, an overview of new exhibitions and many other topics.

The room is built of white walls with two arched windows on its sides. In the center of the middle wall is an alcove with wooden shelves on which beautiful housewares laid on.  The floor is decorated like a rug of colored ceramic tiles adorned with geometric patterns, which around it the furniture is placed.  The sofa and cushions wrapped in white fabric adorned with lace, and two upholstered wooden chairs and two small refreshment tables are placed on its two sides. A clock hangs over the alcove, and a sumptuous crystal chandelier adorns the ceiling.
The Tarar (Reception Room) Exhibit in the Museum

נהרדעא 17 אנגלית - מלא
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