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Nehardea No. 9, December 1996

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

At the center of the issue is the International Conference of Schools, which brought together alumni and brought back many memories of which was also devoted to documenting the Jews of Babylon in recent generations, in the fields of education and the underground. Alongside this, a spotlight was turned to the exhibition "Sukkot as a custom of the Jews of Babylon", to a review of the activities of the Research Institute, and more.

A bag that closes with a tying rope. The bag is made of silk fabric and a cotton lining, both in a cream color. The tying rope is made of gilded wire. The bag is decorated at the top with a row of embroided bouquets and in the center a larger and more grand bouquet, of leaves and flowers and a tying ribbon.
Bag for Ketubah, Baghdad, circa 1920, silk, cotton, kalbadon embroidery (metal thread)

נהרדעא 9 אנגלית
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